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    • 18Year

      of industry experience

    • 100000

      3 large production bases in total

    • 600+

      more staffs

    • 200+

      Brand new equipment

    About Shunmei

    Shunmei was founded in Zhejiang,China in 2002.Based on the daily life of the general public,Shunmei has deeply cultivated in the field of research and development,production and sale of household items.Over the past 18 years,Shunmei has been keeping in step with the development of times, making positive progresses and innovations.Now Shunmei has developed 3 large production bases which are equiped with advanced production equipments.And the production lines cover kitchen / bathroom / storage / cleaning wares and many items of other aspects.

    Shunmei proposes of the philosophy of“Life needs a little beauty”which advocates people to discover the beauty in detail in life.This is exactly what Shunmei has been doing:Improving people’s quality of life with offering the fine and beautiful products.

    One stop solution to meet consumers’needs

    Integrate with the design,research and development,production,sale and service,Shunmei comply with the concept of “Three Natures and One Beauty”

    (The natural healthy material,The natural production management,The natural sale and service create a harmonious and win-win beauty of life) to meet consumers’ needs exactly and completely.

    Win the market by high quality

    On-site QC teams strictly inspect 5 processes in production: raw materials / machining / painting and coloring / packing/storage and delivery. Quality of each product in each progress is strictly controlled .

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